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/// Open Innovation

Research and development, innovation, product development, and marketing executives face daunting pressures, such as keeping customers engaged, reducing product launch delays and R&D program failures, increasing staff productivity, managing competitive pressures, and generating higher returns on their R&D and innovation investments. As a consequence, successful 21st century innovation organizations require better, faster, and more cost effective ways of solving problems and innovating to both drive business growth and spread risk.

“We sought out InnoCentive because we wanted an opportunity to address solutions from the front-end without the bias of historical perspectives or relationships.”
– Chuck Pettigrew, Senior Scientist, Procter & Gamble

Would hiring 10 additional researchers, scientists, or marketers help you generate ideas and solve your key problems to alleviate these pressures? Or would you rather engage thousands – or even reach millions – and pay for solutions?










NineSigma infographics about What is Open Innovation.