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Social Innovation

Society, innovation and social capital: Alan Advantage carries out socio-economic research activities with the objective to promote innovation and sustainable growth of people, enterprises and territories. In its research activities, Alan Advantage adopts an interdisciplinary approach that combines, and develops both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, following when possible the research-action principles. In fact, analysis and interpretation are combined with ad-hoc interventions that aim at changing the analysed context, thanks to the active participation of relevant actors. In a virtuous cycle: research creates knowledge which is transformed in concrete actions. These, thanks to the experience, increase knowledge, and so on.

Smart Cities

Alan Advantage understands how complex cities work and we work with people looking for solid research and analysis, compelling communications, new ideas, and provocative insights, whether we are creating communications plans, creative city plans, sustainability programs, public engagement processes, white papers, or city branding. Our broad understanding of how issues, trends, and questions interlock to produce game-changing ideas for our clients.

Energy & Utilities

The speed of innovation outside the walls of utilities outstrips the speed of innovation within. As new and disruptive vendors, technologies, and business models enter the market, many utilities have seemed unsure about what their role is or should be. Technology advancements are broadening customer access to a wide range of new energy services. But technology alone is never enough: customers must feel comfortable incorporating these advancements into their daily lives. Utilities are well-suited to providing customers with answers on a wide range of energy services and moving them up the adoption curve. They have already achieved significant success in areas such as energy efficiency.

Insurance Telematics

We cover alla kinds of Innovations inside this area: fleet management, insurance telematics infrastructures, driving behavior, crash analysis, traffic information systems, carbon emissions reduction, car based video recording, and so on. We’re able to support Innovators who want to use Telematics to have mobile machine to machine new business models.

Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility

Anchored in our Strategy Consulting offering, sustainability and corporate responsibility (CR) are central to Customers core business. For us, sustainability is about the “triple bottom line”—long-term social equity, economic prosperity, and environmental performance. Corporate responsibility is about maintaining the necessary controls to minimize risks, while creating positive impacts for our stakeholders and the brand. A sustainable and responsible approach results in value creation for the company, the employees, the customers, the shareholders and society as a whole.


Telecommunications service providers in Asia Pacific have enjoyed astounding growth rates of mobile devices and subscribers over the past few years, fuelled by economic growth and an expanding middle class population.

However, despite this unprecedented period of expansion, the future market value of telecommunications operators is under threat. Two main factors are challenging the sustainability of current business models: crumbling consumer loyalty and the fragmentation of the value chain due to competition from new internet players. To thrive—indeed, to survive—telecommunications operators must choose a path of innovation. Further, they must put in place strategies to assist their innovative efforts to have a good chance of meeting their stated requirements.

These strategies encompass the technical, organizational and cultural. This paper sets out ways in which companies can implement innovative measures to position themselves for growth, and to emerge among the winners in the rapidly evolving telecommunications arena.

Information Technology

We have three decades of experiences in Innovations involving Information Technology. We’re always aligned with the best worldwide innovation centers, so continuously intercepting new trends useful to our customers.