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/// Approach

We start all of our projects with a thorough understanding our clients’ needs and requirements so we can make informed recommendations and decisions. We ask the right questions, then carefully craft strategic solutions based on long-term goals and objectives.


Open Innovation

There was a time not very long ago when companies primarily used closed models for all their new product development. They focused on their own resources – research, development, marketing – to bring new products or services to market. This model gave them control and seemed to work well but in the last years a more effective way is coming: the Open Innovation way, is an ecosystem including a lot of contributors all over the world, coordinated by some leading platforms, like Innocentive, Nine Sigma, and so on.

Open Innovation is first and foremost a mindset and an approach to how you innovate. It’s based on premise that there exists, outside of your company, a solution (or partial solution) to our challenges and strategic needs.Open Innovation is about making connections and collaborating to realize a win-win outcome.

We use our partnership with the leaders in Open Innovation to provide to our customers the best in Innovation wherever it comes.

Multidisciplinary Partner Network

Our very peculiar way to work is adopting and sustaining a huge network of scientific and technological partners around the World, covering many Innovation fields: a multi disciplinar partner network. We’re working with partner from: robotics, mathematics, information technology, physics, energy management, telematics, human science, architecture, design.


Service Design

Service design is the activity of planning and organizing people, infrastructure, communication and material components of a service in order to improve its quality and the interaction between service provider and customers.
The purpose of service design methodologies is to design according to the needs of customers or participants, so that the service is user-friendly, competitive and relevant to the customers. The backbone of this process is to understand the behavior of the customers, their needs and motivations.
We’re strongly involved in addressing Business Gamification adoption by our customers to keep motivated both their employees and their customers.



Expertise Mapping

Expertise, competence and knowledge are three highly interconnected concepts, all relevant to what expert finders are meant to deliver. Our Open Innovation platform, Enigma Hub, includes an expert search and discovery engine, and aims to better serve you with innovative solutions.

Enigma Hub relies on patent-pending technologies developed in partnership with leading institutions by our R&D Labs.