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Design Consultancy for Strategic Convergence


Alan Advantage leverages the multi disciplinary expertise of its open innovation network helping organizations in the public and private sectors innovate and grow.

We scout, identify, and assess cutting edge technologies supporting disruptive business (process/models).

We reform your needs. we investigate for hard to find advanced solutions and we deliver measurable effective solutions.
  • Ca' Foscari - Startups Recruiting Day

    Una giornata di selection & recruitment delle startup più innovative

  • European Maker Faire 2016

  • Tokyo - Nano Tech 2017

  • Business Practices

    Meaningful business practices, multi disciplinar and correlated each other

  • Meaningful technologies

    Advanced models for technology scouting at the intersection of academia, industry and public sphere, aimed at responding to complex problems and challenges.

  • Dedicated to Alan

    Alan Turing is widely considered to be the father of computer science and artificial intelligence. His work pioneered research advances in several fields (mathematics, logics, cryptography, and - of course - computer science), creating bridges between academia, industry and public sphere.
    Alan Advantage is inspired from his work.


Major airports have become key nodes in global production. They are also powerful engines of local economic development. The rapid expansion of airport commercial structures is making airports as a gateway of metropolitan development in the 21st century, in which travelers can do many actvities.

This functional and spatial evolution is transforming many airports of the city in the city airports.‎

Initiatives and areas of intervention
What we offer in Smart Airport innovations.


Data enables innovators to help energy consumers take control of their energy use and focus on one solution rather than a set of customized solutions.It also has multiple practical applications for consumer use, utilities use, and energy system suppliers and planners based on audits, analysis and automation.

Energy Innovation
What we offer in Energy innovation:

  • Needs assessment
  • Service customization
  • Scientific partners coordination
  • Best practices monitoring and reporting
  • New Algorithms discovery and analysis


Our primary scientific partner (Stevens Institute of Technology) studied how can we discover and interpret what is relevant in the volumes of available information by monitoring "latent" conversation in Twitter.

Mining Twitter
What we offer in partnership with Stevens:

  • Twitter semantic monitoring services
  • Needs assessment
  • Service customization
  • “One shot” monitoring
  • Subscription-based monitoring